Event Descriptions

The Bridge events are diverse, informative, inspiring and enjoyable. Each gathering, in its unique way, is designed to highlight different aspects of a sustainable society. Although the topics vary greatly,  it is understood that all issues are interconnected. One common question weaves itself throughout all the events: What are the ingredients that make up a sustainable community in Tampa and how do we activate them?

All events are designed to build community, foster inquisitiveness and self-reflection, heighten awareness, and pave the way towards action. The presenters are experts, visionaries, scholars, artists, and well-informed citizens who offer life-serving perspectives. Although national speakers are invited, our dedication to the vitalization of the local community guides us to ask mostly Tampa Bay's own apt and wise citizenry to serve as facilitators and presenters.


vening Presentations
are designed to impart thought-provoking information. They are offered in either a lecture style or in an interactive manner. Dialogue follows the presentation. 

Workshops help participants gain insights through direct experiences guided by the facilitator. Workshops can last from two hours to a full weekend.

Conversations are dialogues where people openly share and listen to ideas regarding specific topics. Serving as containers from where rich human intimacy can emerge, conversations promote learning and personal growth.

Documentaries are provocative films that provide significant information regarding relevant matters. Conversations follow the films.

Ongoing Groups meet regularly for guided dialogues around designated topics. The continuity of these groups builds trust and enable participants to delve deeper into the subject at hand.

Book Discussions are open and fun dialogues focused on timely books. Although it is preferable for people to have read at  least part of the book chosen, this is not a requirement. We usually share lunch and meet at a person's home.

Panel Discussions are moderated conjoint presentation by a group of experts sharing different perspectives about the same topic. Panels offer a a wide-angle vision. Questions from the audience are included.

Council is an ancient tradition that brings individuals together to speak from a place of deep truth while being respectfully witnesses. It is said that in Council we speak and listen from the heart as a communal story is woven. Council fosters openness to oneself and others and builds human intimacy.

Ceremonies are rituals uniquely designed to honor and deepen a wide variety of poignant individual or community events. 

Creative Gatherings pertain to an assortment of events that bring people together around a theme that celebrates the creative spirit. POTHOS- Learning about the Life and Work of Beloved Poets and CINEMART- Bringing Cinema Artistry to Tampa are two examples.