Founding Principles



We live during a precarious era in history
when current challenges give way to extraordinary
opportunities. At the Bridge
we are sustained by
and committed to the following timely principles:



Out of crisis rises the chance to heighten awareness, enter the cutting edge, and break new and fertile ground.

Human beings are nature itself, not above it. As one species of many, humans are called to live with respect and reverence for the  natural world with a constant focus on that which maintains the vitality of life.

Citizens, the heartbeat of a strong democracy, are entitled to unrestrained access to a wide range of information and diverse views.

A sustainable society serves as a conduit through which individuals are able to cultivate their full potential which in turn advances the culture.

Social and economic justice is preserved primarily by an empowered citizenry.

Supporting local talent, expertise, and businesses builds partnerships, stimulates the home economy, and conserves non-renewable resources.

Negotiation and cooperation are the best approaches to conflict resolution and reflects the most noble aspects of humankind.

True community is born out of shared creativity, respectful dialogue, collaborative alliances, and a kind spirit.

Artists and musicians provide an essential source of sustenance for the soul of a community and as such must be supported.

Consious and innovative ways of doing business that reflect a responsibility to the community and the natural world are fundamental to the development of a more viable economic system.

The values that form a sustainable society must be central within the psyche of each individual member of the culture and within the foundational structure of all social institutions.