The mission of the BRIDGE is to promote eco-centric living, social justice, personal development, creativity and the vibrant interplay between these interdependent aspects of life. 

The BRIDGE fulfills its mission by offering educational events and unique gatherings and by engaging in community initiatives.  The goal is to explore forward-thinking ideas, heighten awareness and take action that bring sustainable and generative ways of life to the Tampa region. 


The values that form a life sustaining society are viewed as central within the psyche of each individual and within the foundation of every social institution. These values include a deep understanding of the interdependence inherent in the web of all life, appreciation and respect for diversity, high regard for the natural world, cultivation of the human potential, negotiation and collaboration, and the enhancement of the creative spirit. To responsibly embody these values is the work of this pivotal 21st century. A viable future for humanity and the planet depends on this. The BRIDGE sees this work as both a great challenge and a great privilege. The vision is a co-creative and proactive Tampa region, as part of the global community, striving towards the full realization of sustainable values and defined by an awakening consciousness and a grounded wisdom as it crosses the threshold into this new millennium.

Serving the emerging whole means paying attention
to what's right here within my awareness,
what's completely local, and surrendering
to what is being asked of me now.

Joseph Jaworski
Presence- Human Purpose and the Field of the Future